Class PlainDemoCase

  extended by de.jdemo.framework.AbstractDemoCase
      extended by de.jdemo.framework.PlainDemoCase
All Implemented Interfaces:
IDemo, IDemoCase, java.lang.Cloneable

public abstract class PlainDemoCase
extends AbstractDemoCase

Demo case base class for demos having output not supported by the other demo case base classes. Plain demo cases are useful when you want to demonstrate output to an LPT/COM/USB port or to a soundcard for example.

Markus Gebhard

Constructor Summary
Method Summary
 IDemoCaseRunnable createRunnable(boolean allowExternalLaunches)
          Creates a runnable for running this demo case.
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Constructor Detail


public PlainDemoCase()
Method Detail


public IDemoCaseRunnable createRunnable(boolean allowExternalLaunches)
Description copied from interface: IDemoCase
Creates a runnable for running this demo case.

allowExternalLaunches - indicates whether this demo is allowed e.g. to launch a file in an external software. This flag will be false if this demo is executed as test for example.

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